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Jewelry is personal. Jewelry is powerful.

Throughout history jewelry has stood as a symbol of one's status - whether it was to indicate royal status, wealth, or marital status. It has served as a remembrance - of an event, a special occasion or a loved one who has gone. It has been a good luck charm or a talisman.  It has been used in rituals. It exemplifies and communicates to the world our personal style. It is a privilege for us to make something that is so personal, and we aim to provide you with an item of quality that you will always cherish.

At Brooklyn Eye Candy we believe in using the highest quality materials to bring you jewelry that is handcrafted and unique, and believe that one-of-a-kind or limited-edition pieces have a unique connection to the wearer that mass produced items cannot. 

Process and Influences:

Our jewelry is predominantly hand fabricated in gold and silver adorned with precious and semi-precious stones, yet we also love to play with unconventional materials. The eye pendants are created with combinations of glass, polymers, and resins, but are set in precious metals with gemstones. “Play” is important in our work and we believe that jewelry is meant to delight.  

We find inspiration from many sources but are most often drawn to representational imagery - such as eyes or snakes - images rich with symbolism that can tell a story or have historical precedent like the "lover's eye" pendants. We believe that our most successful pieces find a way to combine simple lines with a bit of decorative excess. We cherish ancient jewelry making traditions, and it is not unusual to find a resin eye, or a geometric form surrounded by high karat gold granulation.

- Laurie

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