Square Interchangeable Rings


I love square rings and find they are very comfortable to wear. They don't roll around on your finger, so the stone stays on top. If you have any difficult joints or bumps on your finger you can put the ring on at an angle, and then slide it around to sit perfectly. And the geometric simplicity complements the uniqueness of the stone beautifully. Most of my square rings have a middle band that is decorated with hammered gold granules or other stones. (The ones that do not have this band can usually be modified to accommodate a center band for a small additional cost.) They are versatile: they can be purchased with or without the middle band, so that if you have more than one of these rings (and who doesn’t want more than one?) you can wear the middle band with another square ring of the same size, or wear the band on its own, or as a stacker. Priced below with the middle band (Deduct $150 for pricing without the band) 

These square rings are available in a combination of silver and high karat gold with gold bezels and hammered gold dots.  Almost any stone can be used as a special order; however noted that these can not be sized.  Examples of available rings below:

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